Saturday, February 5, 2011

Afua by *KirbBrimstone on deviantART

There was an idea to draw the other members on this forum at

Everyone posted a picture of them selves ad each artist drew the other. So I joined in and did a couple quick sketches of fellow board members. Then I start sketching this one artist who (let me tell you is a a beautiful subject to paint). So long story short. I start as a sketch then I scrapped it and made a more detailed sketch... then it just snowballed form there and this si the product.

Gosh it feel good to paint something "realistic" again. I hate doing it but I love the result.

I look at my finished work and feel so proud. Yeah I know in a years time I'll look back think it's awful. I'll wonder how I ever consider this good and call myself a hack. But for now I'm going to enjoy this.

The artist who came up with the "draw each other" deal and I "painted" is the very talented Afua Richardson:

If you know who I'm talking about then you'd know an artist of my limited skills could never do her justice.

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