Friday, July 22, 2011

Art sluts

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Wow I'm seeing artists giving away their talent like sluts giving away their body.

Don't they know it has value and it's not to be given up that easy?

Don't they know that this brings down it's value?

Don't they know that nobody buys the cow if you're giving away the milk?

What are they thinking?

"If I draw this character for them and give it up for free more people will notice me and maybe the right guy/gal will come along and love my art."

I hope people out there have read my divergent Muse journal about copyrights. If you haven't you should. Artists have a special and RARE talent. Please stop selling yourself short for attention.

Deviant art has instead become a hub for internet art predictors who take advantage of naive artists trying to get noticed and give up their rights and talents for free (or cheap).

While the predator who has contributed absolutely nothing (save for maybe an idea or character they don't have the capabilities to draw themselves: both of which you can't copyright by the way.) goes ahead and publishes an art book other people worked on.

I wonder if these art pimps know that they don't own the copyright to a single piece of art they've published? Not single one. The artist does.

By law the artists owns the rights to copy the work they create (i.e. copyrights). So they need permission to publish other peoples work. I don't care what the subject matter is.

Predator: But it's based on my character/idea?

Me: So? You can't copy right an idea it's got to be tangible like a painting, music, video, ect.

Predator: But companies own characters all the time?

Me: No. they own the tangible story that the characters was written in.

Predator: Then why can't I make a that looks just like Superman?

Me: You can. Just as long as you don't incorporate certain trademarks like the S shield. Those are TRADEMARKED (not copyrighted) to DC.

I've heard deviantart called "bazaar of artists hocking their wares"

but that's not even right. It's more like a hooker strip where the whores are exchanging sex for attention.

I would stop drawing before I do Pro bono work. I don't mind hooking a friend or family member up but this artistic slutting around has to stop.

If that makes me an unpopular art prude then fine I can live with that.


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Color Character sketch: 15

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Oh and here is new art;

Fire and Ice by *KirbBrimstone on deviantART

Fire and Ice alt by *KirbBrimstone on deviantART

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